Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cover Reveal September 12

Whats all this hoopla about a cover reveal? Well, if you must know... it's happening!

If you have been following me and have read my previous work, then you would know that I haven't published anything in about 2 years. That used to be nothing in writing years back in the olden days; however, with the rise of e-books and the constant consumer demand, you basically have to be a writing machine to keep the readers fueled and visiting.

Yeah, I'm sucking that up--BIG time. Still, I have not been short of ideas. Just short on time. With that being said, I am ready to move on to the next step of the promotion of my newest series. Beautifully Disguised.

So you have heard very little about it, eh? Well, that's because I have been sitting on this little secret for about a year now and up until recently I have been giving small hints about it. Thus far, we have Kumihos. Yes, there will be a blurb, but to keep the interest I want to save the blurb for the cover reveal. 

Any how, just know that while I may be a snail, I am still actively writing and planning on giving you my dear readers something soon. Time is short, but my will is strong.

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