Sunday, May 5, 2013

Girls Heart Books Tours

My time with Girls Heart Books was amazing! Not only was my book posted on lots of great blogs, but I also received some wonderful reviews and fun interviews from the hosts! My blog and Facebook follows went up a lot during the tour as well! I could not have been happier with Mel, who was in charge of my tour. I think the best thing about their tours is you always hear about other tours where half of the bloggers did not follow through and post anything. That was not the case here. Every blog that was on my tour list has posted something. To me that was a huge plus for their tours. It proves that they are willing to make sure that their hosts are active. When I had a host that had not contacted me for a Skype interview, she checked it out for me personally a few weeks before the tour before taking it off the list. I could not have been happier and I will most definitely be back in the near future!


  1. I love working with Mel she is a true gem

  2. That sounds like it was so much fun!

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