Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Novel: Gemini the Heir Excerpt (unedited)

“What is that?” I asked. It wasn’t like Emréiana to have several crafts flying around.
“Something is wrong.” My mother placed her hand on my shoulder. Fear radiated from her.
I watched as three crafts rapidly changed course and speed. There was a shot and one craft grew flames on its rear. Was it one of ours or one of theirs? I could not tell from the dark. The craft declined in altitude until it was lost to one of the mountains.
I turned around quickly, walking back into my chambers. I hadn’t even made it to my door before it swung open.
“Carsona,” Aaronmon started, stepping into the room. “Go to the safe room until I come to get you.”
“I’ll take Krea Mannannala with me,” I agreed. This was the second time we had to go to the safe room since I had been on Emréiana. “What about you?”
“I’ll come once I know it is safe.” Aaronmon placed his hands on my shoulders. It did not ease my worry at all. He may have been my garnix, but he was my betrothed as well.
“Don’t forget that once you are married to me, you will be a part of the Elaeye too,” I reminded him.
“I won’t be if my bride is dead,” Aaronmon smirked.
“Who are you to joke right now?” I raised my brow.
“I hate to interrupt, but I think we need to be going.” I heard my mother say from behind me.
“I’ll see you in a little while.” Aaronmon nodded and left the room.
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